Our team has decades of combined project management, blockchain investment and operating experience, our experiences and focus gives us broad exposure to the blockchain technology-related trends, as well as seasoned business judgment

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Bili is a seasoned professional and veteran in blockchain space, he has coordinated investment exceeding $35M in his past 5 years professional venture partner in Collinstar, the business including exchanges platform, media and massive cross-team collaboration with global project, He has deeply interacted with communities and media channels regarding project promotion


Ryan is the co-founder of In Square Ventures, he has acknowledge management skills and working with fortune 500 for over 10 years. He has managed investment project over $75M, he is a passionate and energetic contributor. In additional Ryan hold EMBA degree in European business school

James woo
investment head

James is a HR veteran with seasoned experiences in Blockchain, Internet and Banking Industry . He was TA Lead in Binance, HRD in Himalaya and TA Manager in Stand Chartered Bank. He firmly believes investment is investing team and people.  James is focus on projects’  background reviewing and customer relationship management. James holds master degree from ECNU